Enjoy Wakeboard Rentals & Other Lake Chelan Activities

Like paddleboarding, wakeboarding is a water sport with ancient origins and a recent explosion in popularity. Drawing equally from water skiing, surfing and snowboarding traditions, wakeboarding is in a class all its own, allowing skilled practitioners to perform head-spinning stunts on the small, nimble boards. Just as snowboarding has in some ways surpassed skiing, wakeboards threaten to do the same to traditional water skiing!

CHELAN PARASAIL & WATERSPORTS embraced wakeboards along with paddle board rentals early on because we want to bring our customers the best options for all of your Lake Chelan activities. As a leader in watersports rentals, you can depend on us for a wide selection of wakeboards and paddle boards to pick from along with other watersport rentals.

When you are searching for boat rentals near me, you should consider adding other Lake Chelan rentals to the list. You can enjoy being on the water in a boat, but you can add on waterskiing and wakeboarding for additional family fun. You do not have to have a certain skill level to rent from CHELAN PARASAIL & WATERSPORTS because you can enjoy wakeboarding at your own pace.

For never-ending summer fun and Lake Chelan rentals, you can rely on our friendly team when you call (509) 682-7245 right now. Whether it is the middle of the week or the weekend, you deserve to be out on the water.