Like paddleboarding, wakeboarding is a water sport with ancient origins and a recent explosion in popularity. Drawing equally from water skiing, surfing and snowboarding traditions, wakeboarding is in a class all its own, allowing skilled practitioners to perform head-spinning stunts on the small, nimble boards. Just as snowboarding has in some ways surpassed skiing, wakeboards threaten to do the same to traditional water skiing!

Chelan Parasail & Watersports embraced paddleboards and other cutting-edge watersports early, and now we’ve taken to wakeboarding in a big way, making us the leader in Lake Chelan wakeboarding rentals. Whether you’re visiting Lake Chelen to try out your signature moves or just get up to speed, Chelan Parasail & Watersports is with you every step of the way. We stock a complete selection of wakeboards along with any and all needed accessories. No matter your level of skill or experience, our friendly, professional staff will get you wakeboarding Chelan Lake in no time at all.

Summer fun means watersports, and we want you to enjoy Chelan Lake to the utmost. When hot weather hits and you just need a little “wakeboarding near me,” give us a call. We’ll get you set up in no time and out where you belong: Out on the water, ripping Air Krypts, Special -Ks and Scarecrows.