Enjoy a Paddleboard Ride On Beautiful Lake Chelan

The history of a paddleboard can be traced all the way back to 18th-century Polynesia! In the 1990s, however, paddleboard popularity skyrocketed in the U.S. Paddleboards combine kayaking and surfboarding with less demand and more leisure. We offer a vast selection of Lake Chelan Paddleboards too! They are comfortable, easy to maneuver, and offer scenic views throughout your day! Chelan Parasail and Watersports is enthusiastic about your aquatic experiences and knows paddleboards on Lake Chelan are a must!

Because of their maneuverability, coasting with paddleboards can expand your exploration on Lake Chelan. You will have panoramic views and peaceful trips. Your party can even take them to Riverwalk Park! Create the adventure you want from high-intensity workouts to leisure paddles. Our team will help create your unforgettable experiences so make your reservations today!

Paddleboarding is so amazing and an activity you cannot miss! Book online now or call us today to speak with our friendly staff regarding our paddleboard availabilities!