Our beautiful lake is known for an abundance of watersports, but when it comes to kayak rental, Lake Chelan simply can’t be beat. Whether you’re interested in a quick paddle around the shoreline or a deeper trek into this pristine wilderness, we have an abundant selection of personal watercraft for you.

The largest lake in Washington State by any measure, Chelan stretches over fifty miles from end to end, and it’s deeply forested, sparsely populated shoreline makes it a near-perfect environment for a quiet, reflective paddle. If you’re looking to get away from civilization and experience the true beauty of Washington State, put “kayaking Lake Chelan” at the top of your list.  

Originally designed by the native Inuit, Yup’ik, and Aleut peoples of present-day Canada, Greenland and Alaska, kayaks have been in use for at least 4,000 years, and the oldest preserved examples date from the 16th century. These early boats were built of seal skins over wooden frames; nowadays, kayaks are made from state-of-the-art plastics and resins, making them durable, safe, and easy to use.

Our friendly, professional staff are experts in all manner of boating and watersports, and that includes kayak rentals. Lake Chelan is a natural paradise, and we’d love to help you experience the abundant and unspoiled beauty here. Give us a call today to check for availability!