Lake Chelan boat rentals

Why Do We Stock and Maintain So Many Styles of Boats?

“You sure have a lot of different types of boats!”

We hear that often, and it’s true. We do stock an awful lot of different watercraft. To some, it might seem like overkill; to us, it’s our way of maximizing your enjoyment of beautiful Lake Chelan (and beyond). It’s our way of making sure we become your premiere source for your next Lake Chelan boat rental.

While to the untrained eye all boats look more or less the same, we know there are vast differences between the many different styles, makes and models of vessels here at Chelan Parasail & Watersports. Here are a few things we look for when we’re researching new watercraft for the public to enjoy.

Question #1: Do You Feel the Need for Speed?

Arguably, this is the most important distinction in watersports: Are you looking to open up and pound some waves? Or are you taking friends and family for a leisurely tour to relax amidst Chelan Lake’s stunning natural beauty?

Obviously, engine displacement—simply put, an engine’s volume—is a major factor; more displacement equals greater torque, which gives you greater starting power out of the gate. The engine’s volume is of particular importance when pulling water skis or other towed craft.

But the shape of the boat’s hull—the outer shell that comes into contact with the water—is equally important. Boat builders take many factors into account when they’re designing hulls, from the desired cruising speed to the need for stability, to load-carrying capacity, and more.

A faster hull will result in a trade-off; besides having a smaller profile—and less passenger-carrying capability—it will provide a less stable ride for large parties.

Question #2: Float or Take a Cruise?

One major development in the boating world is the explosive popularity of pontoon boats. Though they’re externally similar to traditional hulled boats, the difference is significant: whereas boats cruise through the water on a single, full-size hull, pontoon boats float on top of two or more narrow floats, or pontoons.

There’s a tradeoff here. Pontoon boats are stable, fast, and efficient when compared to traditional boats. But because they lack a full-size hull, they have much less storage and cargo-carrying capacity as opposed to traditional boats.

One recent development is the hybrid pontoon boat, which attempts to bridge the gap between these two styles. They’re rapidly gaining in popularity, and we’re keenly interested in seeing where this design will go in the next few years.

Our Goal: A Broad and Deep Selection

When we’re considering new vessels to add to our stock, we aim for a fleet with a wide mix of speeds and capabilities, from those with top all-out speed and responsive handling to those that will provide a gentle, stable ride for large groups. Maintaining a large and varied fleet is more work, but we find that our customers get the best experience when they have the widest selection to choose from for their Lake Chelan boat rental needs. Of course, we haven’t even touched on the wide world of jet skis, but that’s a topic that will have to wait for another day!

New Boats In For Summer 2014!

New Razor Boat RentalsOur new boats are here!  Come in and check out our Caravelle Razors.  These 14 passenger 25 foot sport boats come equipped with a great stereo system and are great for cruising or lounging on Lake Chelan.  Come in before the summers over and enjoy the lake on one of these fantastic boats.  To see more photos of our new boats check our facebook or go to our 2014 razor boat rentals section.  To see all of our Lake Chelan boat rentals be sure to check our Boats section.